One Week Intense 1-on-1 Training with Coach Roman Sada

The Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort and Tennis Club would like to invite you to a unique opportunity of intense 1-on-1 training with our new Tennis Director, Roman Sada. Roman, a 20-year veteran of the American tennis hotbed that is Florida, now teaches at the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort in Washington State.

From Roman:
A lot of people ask me what my training style is. I would summarize it this way: I teach serve and volley, slices, drop shots, location, positioning, and winning. This is direct, intense, and specific training with plenty of patience, minus the pampering. With 1-on-1 training, there are no distractions and player strengths and weaknesses are quickly identified and improved.


Monday             9 – 11 AM    Forehand: Skills and Drills
                            2 – 4   PM    Games and Match Play

Tuesday             9 – 11 AM    Backhand: Skills and Drills
                            2 – 4   PM    Games and Match Play

Wednesday       9 – 11 AM    Conditioning: Skills and Cardio
                             2 – 4   PM   Games and Match Play

Thursday           9 – 11 AM    Volley, Overhead, Slice: Skills and Drills
                             2 – 4 PM     Games and Match Play

Friday                 9 – 11 AM    Serve & Return: Skills and Drills
                             2 – 4 PM     Games and Match Play

Saturday             9 – 11 AM    Open Play: Student’s Choice
                              2 - 4 PM      Open Play: Student’s Choice

Sunday               Rehabilitation

1-on-1 training is available to all ages and player skill sets. Take this great opportunity for an intense workout and fun 1-on-1 training with Roman. Accomodations and six (6) day tennis training included in special package pricing, call for details. Contact Roman at 561-853-6281 or email: