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Best Resort in Long Beach, WA

Our lodging in Long Beach, WA provides guests with incredible views. The in-room amenities are designed to make each visit to the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort an unforgettable one.  Book with us if you’re looking to enjoy a romantic getaway or a pickleball weekend with family at the beach. We can do it all to make your vacation a great memory. Check out our packages and specials. Questions? Check out our FAQ’s.

OUR SUITES: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom

We feature a number of suites for your lodging choice. Spaciously sized up to 1150 sf each boasting one to three private bedrooms, with gas fireplaces.  Dining out can be expensive, our suites come with fully stocked kitchen with appliances.    A large selection of our resort suites feature stunning ocean views.  

The Cottages at Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort:

Notably, our vintage-style cottages provide guests with a sense of nostalgia while equipped with amenities needed to enjoy a comfortable stay.  Additionally, choose from either a 1 or 2 bedroom cottage and enjoy a kitchenette and semi-private deck.  According to the long-time fans of these cottages (circa 1950) the experience is much loved. They have been a fan favorite as perching proudly on the ridge as you enter the property.  Note: These cottages are 800 ft from the lobby & pool and 1,200 ft from the ocean. Stairs are used to access the unit. Equally important is watching the the Video before reserving these Cottages. There is a code word at the end of the video, know this!

Dog Friendly Everyday All day

In addition, all of our guest suites are dog friendly. We proudly rank as the best dog friendly hotel in Long Beach, WA.  Please register your dog when making your reservation, so we can give them a welcome package at check-in. More questions? Our rooms are all available to walk thru on YouTube.

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Ridge Cottage 1 Bedroom


Max 2 300 SQ. FT. 1 DOUBLE

Available: 1

This special Long Beach, WA cottage is perfect for your next getaway to the beach! Accommodating 2 guests comfortably in the cottage’s double bed. This 300 square foot cottage was part of the original motel that once stood on the grounds of the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort.

Ridge Cottage 2 Bedroom

(101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 109)

Max 4 450 SQ. FT. 2 DOUBLES

Available: 7

Apartment sized kitchen keeps the coffee warm and a cook top allows you to make your favorite dinners. These rooms were in the original foot print of the founding motel. This room has a fireplace making it wonderful on a breezy ocean night.