Cape Disappointment State Park

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Cape Disappointment State Park

Our resort in Long Beach, WA is near Cape Disappointment State Park and gives guests easy access to a wonderful half-day trip of hiking, walking, site-seeing and more sea scapes than you can imagine.  Keep scrolling and you will find out why this state park is such a favorite of visitors.

About The Park

History Lesson:  Situated within Cape Disappointment State Park in Washington state, USA, the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse stands as a revered historical landmark. Dating back to its inauguration in 1856, this beacon was erected to guide ships navigating the perilous mouth of the Columbia River, renowned for its treacherous sandbars and powerful currents. Over the years, the lighthouse has evolved into an symbol of maritime legacy in the Pacific Northwest.

Lighthouse Design Overview:  With a stature reaching approximately 53 feet (16 meters) and boasting a focal plane towering 220 feet (67 meters) above sea level, the lighthouse is characterized by its striking white conical tower complemented by a black lantern room and gallery. Its luminous signal, characterized by a singular white flash recurring every five seconds, continues to serve as a vital navigational aid for seafarers traversing these coastal waters.

Cape Disappointment Half Day Excursion: There are many activities to enjoy at the Cape Disappointment Interpretive Center.  You can check the internet to find the current hours and pricing.  Once inside you will find a ton of information about the following topics:
  • Watch a Short Film: Discover the incredible journey of Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean. Learn how they navigated the challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions to fulfill President Thomas Jefferson’s request to find a route to the western ocean.
  • Interactive Displays: Engage with exhibits that highlight the local Native American tribes, the maritime journey, and Western world history.
  • Explore the Columbia River Mouth: Cape Disappointment is located where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. The lighthouse stands as a beacon of protection, guiding maritime captains through the treacherous waters of the “Graveyard of the Pacific.”  Walk the Jetty Link
  • Visit the WWII Barracks: After exploring the interpretive center, head down to see the barracks used during World War II. Cape Disappointment was part of the coastal defense system, equipped with gun emplacements, radar stations, and other military installations. The barracks housed soldiers tasked with defending the coastline and monitoring for enemy activity.
  • Extend Your Visit: Continue your adventure by visiting Waikiki Beach, Benson Beach, or the North Head Lighthouse. If you have had enough adventure, return to the resort to swim in the saltwater pool, play pickleball, or take a peaceful walk on the beach.

These activities offer a blend of historical insight and natural beauty, making your visit to Cape Disappointment both educational and enjoyable.

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