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Things To Do In Long Beach, WA

Nature is crashing all around us in Long Beach, WA, offering endless adventures year-round. For those who love the thrill of outdoor activities, Long Beach is a paradise. The Discovery Trail offers breathtaking views as you cycle or hike along the coast. Whether you’re clam digging, storm watching, beachcombing or chasing the King Tides, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy kite flying, cycling, and horseback riding along the coast, or dive into wildlife viewing and fishing excursions. 

Long Beach is perfect for families looking to create unforgettable memories. In fact, the beach is ideal for building sandcastles, playing frisbee, or simply relaxing by the waves. Long Beach WA provides you with great family-friendly activities to make up the perfect coastal vacation. Explore our blogs for inspiration on how to make the most of your visit. We proudly offer one of the premier indoor pickleball facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Once you arrive, schedule a time to play and enjoy a game with your family and friends in our six pickleball courts. We are the proud home of Cape Columbia Pickleball located in Long Beach WA.

What To Do After Your Adventure in Long Beach WA

After a day of exploration, treat yourself to delightful dining experiences and unique shopping finds. Join us on a journey through the Long Beach Peninsula, where festivals and local events add a touch of magic to our charming beach town. When you arrive back to Long Beach, WA and the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort, sink into the soothing warmth of our jacuzzi. After all, the bubbling waters will melt away your stress and rejuvenate your muscles. Conversely, for those who prefer dry heat, our sauna provides the perfect escape, offering a tranquil space to detoxify and relax. Don’t miss a dip in our saltwater swimming pool, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Whether you choose to relax in the jacuzzi, sauna, or pool, you’ll find that this is one perfect way to end your day in comfort and style.