Summer at the Shore: The Perfect Washington Coastal Getaway

As the days grow longer and the final school bells are on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about summer breaks and a coastal getaway. Salt-kissed promises of lazy days, ocean waves, and sandy beaches are right around the corner. Plan your summer fun with a stay at Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort on the stunning Washington Coast and experience the laid-back luxury of our award-winning property. Nestled in scenic Long Beach, we are a haven for those seeking adventure and relaxation. Perfectly positioned a few short miles from downtown and multiple state parks, the cozy Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort is the crown jewel of the peninsula.

Direct Beach Access

Imagine 28 miles of sandy shores stretching before you, with the rhythmic sound of waves as your soundtrack. Our beachfront resort has private, direct access to one of the world’s longest beaches, mere steps through the soft dunes that edge the property.  Wake up, grab your shoes, and in moments, find yourself on silver sand with the endless sky above you. Enjoy a peaceful sunrise and experience salty solitude as you greet the day. Grab your friends and family to indulge in quintessential peninsula activities like sandcastle building, kite flying, and beach combing. Scamper along the water’s edge with your playful pup. Or watch the sun’s final hiss into the waves with the sunset. Every moment is a hop, skip, and jump from your front door.  

Accommodations to Suit Every Need

Speaking of doors, when you open the door to your room, you’re walking into your home away from home. We boast all the amenities of your best vacation rental, with the bonus luxury of a leisurely resort perfect for your next coastal getaway. Our beautiful oceanfront property offers various accommodations for families, groups of friends, or solo adventurers. Whether you prefer a cozy beach cottage or a spacious suite, each option promises a comfortable and welcoming retreat on your next coastal getaway.

Every room comes with modern conveniences, including a full kitchen and fridge. After a day of playing in the sand, run back to your room for cold water, local craft beer, and the best donuts in town. Forage wild mushrooms on our 28 acres of tree-framed property and fry them up for dinner on your stovetop. The kitchen is well-appointed with pans, plates, cutlery, glasses, and more. Sit together for a meal at the table and then kick back on your sofa in front of the fireplace. Watch a movie or the sunset from your private living room and make memories together.

Like your family, each room type has a unique personality, viewpoint, and style. Wake up to the sight of the ocean’s expanse in our premium suites. Fall asleep to the lull of the surf in our dune-front standard suites. Our 1-, 2-, and 3-bedrooms are steps from the sea. For those who prefer a vintage vibe, our original Ridge Cottages are further from the ocean and overlook the property’s forest frame. We offer the perfect combination of homey comfort, local history, and breathtaking beauty unmatched on the peninsula.

Pro tip: Specialty rooms go quickly. Book ahead to secure the room that fits your perfect coastal getaway.

Dog-Friendly Digs

One thing you’ll never have to request is a dog-friendly room. We love the furry pooches in your family. Well-behaved dogs (and owners) are welcome in every suite, so bring your dog on your coastal getaway! All dogs receive a welcome amenity at check-in, including a blanket, towel, treat, and puppy bags.

Take your dog down to the beach and play fetch by the shore. Snap a photo of your pooch in our doggie lighthouse photo op. Snuggle with them in your massive room. We love your pooches as much as you do. On your third visit, we’ll put their face in the Great Paw Hall of Fame!

Onsite Activities

Your stay includes the comforts of home, along with complimentary access to all resort amenities. A few ways to indulge in our offerings are:

  • Play tennis or pickleball in our state-of-the-art, tournament-style pickleball and tennis facility. Up your game with a lesson from our resident pro, Roman Sada.
  • Float in our 84-degree indoor saline pool. Bathe in the light from the bright, beautiful windows as you swim.
  • Get your heart rate going in the fitness center, or shoot some hoops on our basketball court.
  • Grab a coffee from our onsite, by-request latte stand.

We are the perfect combination of a resort and vacation rental, so enjoy it all!

Explore the Surrounding Local Flavor

Speaking of the best of several worlds, we are in the perfect spot for exploring the wonder of the Washington Coast. Our resort is minutes from five state parks. Hike Cape Disappointment, where dramatic 200-foot cliffs and lush, jade forests meet the raging sea. Pay homage to the silent Fort Columbia to see one of the nation’s most intact historic coastal defense sites.

Our evergreen coast offers more than hiking. For a unique, small-town charm, visit downtown Long Beach. You’re less than four miles from Jake the Alligator Man, the World Kite Museum, and the eclectic Pirates Keep. Travel to the top of the peninsula to tip back a dozen oysters at Oysterville Sea Farms in the storybook Oysterville. Explore the art galleries at the Port of Ilwaco. You can choose your own adventure on your coastal getaway. Dozens of different experiences are just around the corner from our resort.

Creating Memories on Your Perfect Coastal Getaway

Summer break is a time to create lasting memories, and the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort is the perfect backdrop for those unforgettable moments. Whether building sandcastles with your children on our backyard beach, enjoying a romantic sunset stroll with your sweetheart, or simply enjoying a well-deserved break, this coastal getaway offers something for everyone. Follow our guiding light to where the sea meets the sky on the wild Washington Coast. We’re here to welcome you.

Family-Friendly Resorts: Washington State

Top 7 Adventures for a Family- Friendly Spring Break

Experience a Spectacular Sunset

Choose any walking path and in a quick stroll you will reach the top of the dune.  Make sure to bring your favorite beach chair and watch the sun set on the Pacific Ocean.  During March & April the sunset will be about 7:45 p.m., presenting an ideal post-dinner activity. Our family-friendly resort is one of the most popular in Washington State.

Explore Sandy Beaches

The soft sand loves barefoot walks and invigorating runs.  The hard packed sand is also easy terrain for your favorite joggers.  Stretching across 28 miles of contiguous sandy beaches, our coastline will not disappoint.  At the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort, firstly, we welcome your furry companions, making it a dog-friendly coastal retreat with plenty of open spaces for your beloved pooch to roam and play. Family-friendly and dog-friendly…what more do you need for a fantastic vacation in Washington State. *not Long Beach, CA

Dive into Relaxation

Our heated swimming Pool, maintained at a comfortable 83 degrees and is a family favorite.  With a covered enclosure, you can enjoy its refreshing waters 364 days a year, rain or shine. Bask in the sunshine while unwinding in the jacuzzi, thanks to the clear roofing and walls that allow natural light to flood in.  In addition, our ultimate relaxation is our brand-new sauna… just a few steps away.  This Spring Break, soak, sweat and swim your way to a newfound vitality.

Discover the Thrill of Clamming

Clamming is a quintessential activity on the Long Beach Peninsula, drawing enthusiasts from far and wide.  Additionally, you can find the dates and times on this website, alongside helpful tips and insights in our blog to kickstart your clamming adventure.  Fresh Razor Clams are a delicacy and are easily hunted on the expansive Washington Beaches. However, with planned digs scheduled throughout March and April 2024, now is the perfect time to book your clamming Spring Break.

Thrill of Pickleball

As one of the fastest-growing sports in America and around the globe, pickleball offers fun for the whole family.  Furthermore, at our resort, we have everything you need, including paddles, balls & six indoor courts.  Our Pro Roman Sada and his staff are available to help you introduce your family to the sport or if you simply want to enhance your own skills.  You can email him at  Get ready 0-0-2!

Indulge in Fresh Seafood Adventures

On the Long Beach Peninsula, seafood lovers rejoice with a plethora of dining options, showcasing locally caught treasures.   You can also head to Ilwaco Port and find fresh seafood ready to cook, the choice is yours.   Every suite has a kitchen stocked with the essential pots and pans needed to whip up a mouthwatering meal.  Savor the flavors of the sea all day every day during your stay with us.

Reserve Your Suite Now

Treat your family to a spacious three-bedroom suite that accommodates everyone comfortably. Additionally, we feature two private king-sized bedrooms, one queen-sized private bedroom, a cozy family room with a fireplace, and an equipped kitchen, our townhouse-style suites offer all the comforts of home. Plus, you’ll enjoy stunning ocean views from every suite. Don’t wait any longer – book your room today for an unforgettable Spring Break coastal getaway!  We are a family-friendly adventure filled resort, where we offer more than just a typical Washington State hotel.   We specialize in creating unforgettable memories for families seeking excitement and adventure.  Come join us for a Spring Break filled with laughter, exploration and endless fun.

King Tides Long Beach WA

King Tides Long Beach WA

king waves crashing

The King Tides in Long Beach, WA are a spectacular natural phenomenon occurring when the Earth’s gravitational alignment with the moon and sun creates exceptionally high tidal events. These unusually high tides usually take place during the winter months, providing a unique opportunity to observe and study the predicted high tides of the year. The King Tides often lead to impressive displays, with waves surging higher onto the shore than usual, offering both breathtaking views.  Nature is crashing all around you when you come to the Long Beach Peninsula and Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort.

During these high tidal events, the Long Beach Peninsula’s vast stretches of sandy beaches and rugged coastline become even more dramatic, attracting visitors and photographers eager to capture the awe-inspiring scenes.  You can see the photographers lined up by the hundreds at Waikiki Beach in Cape Disappointment.  This is where they crash and explode with plumes reaching 25+ feet in the air. 

The King Tides also serve as a valuable tool for scientists and environmentalists, who use these occurrences to predict future sea level rise and its potential effects on local ecosystems and infrastructure. For the local community and tourists alike, the King Tides are a powerful reminder of nature’s grandeur and the need to preserve and protect our coastal environments.  A truly exceptional event, worth bringing the entire family to see. 

Nature is crashing all around us, come visit us at the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort! From your suite, you can watch the King Tides pounding on the sandy beaches. A quick walk from your front door and you will be at the beach. The waves crash creating a melody of sound and the vibrations wiggle the sand beneath your feet.

Clamming at Long Beach Washington

Stay at the Resort, Walk to the Beach, Dig your Clams: All you need to know about Clamming!

Razor clams are one of the most sought after shellfish, also they are fun to catch. Clamming in Long Beach Washington is easy when you stay with us. Just a quick walk and you will be on 28 miles of sandy clam digging beaches. However, if you have a four wheel drive vehicle, you can drive up the beach as our beaches are actual highways according to the WDFW. The speed limit is 25 miles and hour and please stay on the packed sand. Book your stay at the resort to ensure a perfect clam hunt.

When to dig Razor clams in Long Beach, Washington

Fall and Winter the low tides are at night and you dig by lanterns/flashlight. Spring clam digs are usually in the morning/daylight hours. The season runs from October to April, but according to the WDFW, only a few days each month that are open for digging. The “WDFW Clam Schedule” announces on their website, look for clamming in Long Beach, Washington. You will usually plan to arrive 1 -2 hours before the actual low tide. WDFW and DOH monitor to make sure the clams are safe to eat. If the water is too warm a ‘red tide’ a higher than normal algae bloom happens and consequently the clams become toxic and not safe to eat. Cancelled clam digs may force you to postpone your dig. To purposefully plan your clam digging experience, you will need to monitor the website noted above. Make your reservation at the resort.

beach, clamming, ocean, resort

Equipment Needed and Understanding the “Show”

All you need is a clam shovel or gun, a license and a bag to put the clams in. The limit is 15 clams and the WDFW highly suggests teach the children how to dig. Here is a great video from the WDFW. As an illustration go to :32 for kid digging with a shovel, 1:40 to see how the “gun” works. Clams “show” by creating a divot in the sand. The clams on the Long Beach Washington Peninsula can be very tricky, learn to pound sand. This 9 min video from the WDFW shows (2:40), shovel digging (3:21), clam “show” (5:06) and tube digging (5:16). You may want to book one of our three bedroom suites that have two private king bedrooms downstairs and a private queen bedroom upstairs. Each suite has its own kitchen where you can cook up these delicious clams.

Safety and Clean up

Sneaker waves can attack cars if you don’t park a good distance from the water as it begins to creep in. Over the years, we have seen many a wave grab people, animals and even vehicles. The ocean is a powerful being and you should always keep your eyes on the waves, digging towards the ocean not with your back to the tide. Lastly, please clean up all trash and leave no trace that you have been there, we want our sea life and ocean beaches to remain pristine. The Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort has a great FAQ’s page to summarize resort specifics for your clamming experience in Long Beach Washington.

Escape to the Cool Waters and Sunny Shores